hello xpress - an all in one solution with display area, presentation counter and storage space


hello xpress – A “all-in-one solution” display

Structure 2 xpressions 1×3 + 2 shelves + graphics + case to counter

hello xpress connects two 1 x 3  structures with shelves to create a 3 x 3 structure.

Each kit fits into a single suitcase that disappears to form a counter. Set up and tear down by one person in just 5 minutes. See the video below.


  • Offering a case with a display area, a presentation counter and storage space!
  • A case that converts into a counter and holds two structures.
  • Ideal for hassle-free travel by plane or train.
  • Dye sublimation graphics for exceptional colour


Hello Express documentation in pdf format

Download File


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