The modular system has spotlight on your image.

Full Visual System Comparison

100% of the surface is fully dedicated to your message.

Panoramic is a revolutionary modular display system which covers completely the display structure, features virtually seamless fabric graphics. Your display imagery is rendered more powerful.

Full Visual System Comparison

The dye-sublimation fabric graphic revolution.

Fabric printing boasts characteristics that make it an ideal choice for trade show exhibits, corporate event displays and retail or showroom decor. Fabric graphics are easy to transport and changeable, these are durable, machine-washable and give your images an unparalleled level of quality and intensity.

Full Visual System Comparison

Eye-catching visual effects and seamless communication.

When 100% of your display structure is wrapped in vibrant dye-sublimation fabric graphics, your branding and message presents a true uninterrupted image of quality.

Full Visual System Comparison

Typical modular systems simply frame the graphics within the display structure (left) whereas Panoramic allows for fabric graphics to completely wrap the structure allowing for unobstructed text and images (right).

You either have a full visual display system or you don’t.

Panoramic utilizes a unique extrusion system – it has an innovative channeled cap that allows fabric graphics to wrap around corners to conceal the display hardware. Unlike most modular systems which simply frame the graphics between upright posts & horizontal beams, Panoramic graphics fully cover the modular structure resulting in virtually seamless imagery and messaging.

Panoramic Fabric Installation
Panoramic Corner

Silicone strip is sewn directly to the edge of the fabric graphic which is then inserted into the frame. The sew line is hidden within the extrusion and graphics are perfectly stretched eliminating any wrinkles.

Panoramic Tension Fabric & Aluminum Structure Combo

Perfect combination of tension fabric graphics and aluminium modular structures.

A modular display system that packs small.

Combination of aluminum structures and foldable tension fabric graphics means Panoramic requires minimal space for storage and transportation. It provides the look of solid walls once set-up. Plus, compact stackable transport cases enables you to pack and unpack the stand module by module.

Reduce your installation and logistics costs.

With up to 40% less materials than configurations of the same size in other modular systems, set-up time is optimized and crating, shipping and storage of a Panoramic display is very much economical.

Panoramic respects the environment.

Aluminium structure is 100% recyclable, with dye-sublimation printing which is solvent-free and Panoramic’s reduced weight and volume limits CO₂ emissions from transport.

No tools or expertise required.

Convenient packaging and a clearly labeled parts system, Panoramic provides relatively quick and hassle free set-up. With easy wire management and fewer parts and pieces than most traditional modular systems, setting up your display has never been this simple. And because Panoramic fabric graphics are so simple and quick to install, you can even remove replace your messaging as often as you require throughout the duration of a specific trade show or event.

Panoramic Structure
Panoramic Profile Assembly

The profiles are assembled without tools thanks to an angled bracket that is invisible after set-up.

A 10’ x 10’ Panoramic display kit with locking storage can be set-up in less than 2 hours.

pdf_logoDownload Panoramic Display Brochure – 4 pages

pdf_logoDownload Panoramic Display Concept Brochure – 28 pages

Create stunning floor to ceiling graphics effects.

Panofloor custom printed carpet, when combined with Panoramic Visual Display System, creates an atmosphere that completely immerses your visitors by delivering powerful visual effects. Experiment with material textures, faux finishes and graphic illusions to give your Panoramic display a truly customized and unique look that is sure to grab attention.

  • Panofloor
  • Panofloor
  • Panofloor
  • Printed Surface: 100% polyester
  • Backing: Fireproof pre-coat
  • Widths available: 59” or 118”
  • Maximum length: 1181”
  • Weight: 625g/m² ± 10%
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Panofloor Technical Properties:
Panofloor Diagram

You can check out various options with Panoramic display solutions and discover the system that’s right for you. Just let us know.

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